If you think your parents can’t use My Video Vault, you’re mistaken!

Our system is as simple as it gets, because we’ve made it with the user experience in mind.

No matter how tech savvy you may or may not be, your memories are important, and they’re meant to be kept safe. Here at My Video Vault we’re ensuring that. Designed just for you and your loved ones. My Video Vault was developed by our creator due to a lack of simplicity and efficiency on any existing platform for developing, storing and sharing memories all in one place. The My Video Vault app from its origin has been  constructed to guarantee everyone in the family can effortlessly create and continue to share precious family memories for generations to come. 

We’ve created what we call Circles to make sharing your memories easy and straightforward. Circles are groups of people you invite to My Video Vault; these can be cousins, siblings, children, etc. Friends and family invited by you to My Video Vault are not required to have a membership, and are able to view and send prompts to you, to help ensure all those important moments are locked in the Vault. Once you’ve invited those you want to share stories with, you can start to place these people into specific groups to share specific memories. For instance, you might share one video in a circle with just your wife and kids and another with your cousins. These circles make it easy to guarantee your videos are going to exactly who you want them to go to. No need to individually select friends or family members circles will allow you to group everyone into particular circles with no hassle.  Once you’ve developed your circles you can begin sharing your memories forever. 

I’m not sure what to talk about.

We’ve made it simple to begin capturing memories, moments, and subjects directly in the My Video Vault app. With no more effort than taking a picture on your phone, begin recording prompts from our system! Questions like, “What was your first car?” or “How did you meet your spouse or a life partner?” Our requests option will allow users you’ve invited to ask questions about memories and subjects they want to know about from you. Family members and friends are able to send these requests which can be found in New Requests Under the Requests page. There you can respond easily and directly to your friends and family’s requestsand share your memory with them, securing those memories in the vault so they can be viewed coming directly from you for years and years to come. 

What happens to my parents’ account if they pass?

Guarantee your memories are kept safe with My Video Vault by setting up a friend or family member as your living legacy. With absolutely no inconvenience to you or your chosen living legacy. We’ll ensure even after your membership ends with My Video Vault your recorded memories are safe and secure forever with your legacy. The individual you name your legacy will be shipped a zip file or USB drive directly to their front door that will contain all of your precious memories recorded in the My Video Vault app so that they can continue to share with family and future generations. 

Can I try it for free?

Here in the My Video Vault app we bring everything into one place allowing your family members to easily create circles, record memories, share and name their legacy to secure their memories with total ease. There’s no need to jump through hoops to make sure your important memories and moments are safe for your family to enjoy long after you’re gone. Our system is as simple as it gets, but don’t just take our word for it. Download the My Video Vault app and get started! At no cost, you can try out our Freemium membership and begin recording, sharing, requesting, and securing up to five memories just to see how easy to use My Video Vault really is. Once you’ve tried it and are feeling confident in our one-of-a-kind system you can consider one of our unlimited memberships for you or your loved one to create something that is everlasting. My Video Vault is unique to any other story or memory storage system or app out there by allowing you and those dear to you to record memories that never go away. Seeing the people we love telling us about the important moments in their lives even after they aren’t with us anymore and that’s why we’ve developed the My Video Vault App to make our important experiences accessible at any and for all time for generations. 

Record. Store. Share.

Our app is available on the APP Store and Google Play